Frequently asked questions

How much does club membership cost?

Membership explained: £12 Indoor Membership - This allows you to come to our weekly sessions at DRSV when the club has the wall to itself (sports membership or a one time entry fee is still required to attend eac session), use of club geer at planned club activities and disscounts at Cotswold, The Depot and Magic Mountain. £25 Outdoor Membership - This gets you all of above and allows you to go on our outdoor tips. The extra nine pounds is the cost of BMC membership which is required outdoors for insurance each trip still has its own individual cost. £13 BMC Insurance - This alows you to upgrade from the indoor to the outdoor membership at any time during the year. You can purchase membership from the University's SU page here:

When do you meet?

Mondays at DRSV from about 6pm. Wednesdays from about 3pm at the Depot Climbing Centre in town. For trips and social events check out the calendar on the " What's On" page.

What gear do I need?

If you're just starting out, then none. The club can provide you with everything including shoes, a helmet and a harness. You will need to provide your own chalk and chalk bag, and we recommend that you invest in some of your own shoes if you are going to be climbing frequently.

What trips can I look forward to?

We go to a lot of different crags around the UK and abroad. Check out the Trips Page for an extensive list, but in the past we have gone to Portland, The Peak District, El Chorro, Fontainebleau, Swanage, Cornwall and Yorkshire to name but a few.

Is it all scary climbing or do you do walking too?

We are primarily a climbing club, but if the weather gets rough then we have been known to walk (on occasion!). However there are always some beautiful walk-ins to crags, and if you just like to be outdoors feel free to come along to one of our trips.

I don't have a car and want to go climbing, but not on a club trip. Can you recommend anything?

No problem! We recommend checking out this Facebook group where club members often post if they are headed out somewhere.

Where do you stay on club trips?

It varies, but normally a hut/bunkhouse in the winter months, and we try to camp in the summer to keep prices down. Bring a sleeping bag!

Do you run club socials?

Yes, many. Check out the What's On page.

l didn't join at the start of the year, is it now too late to join the club now?

No! We welcome members from all year groups, at any point of the year! See you at one of our sessions soon.