Ali Berridge leading the choir of ex-presidents at the annual dinner in 2017.

The University of Nottingham Climbing Club's history is as complicated as it is rich. Having undergone numerous name changes in the past 50+ years, the club as it is known today was conceived in 2012.

We are proud to keep our club members close together and are keen to document the club's activities every year in the form of a journal. This tradition stretches back some 60 years, and copies are sold every weekend at the annual dinner, where new and old members alike ensemble to share stories about epics, near-misses and great times. Singing is also involved. If you have a story or photos that you would like to contribute to this year's journal, please email Ryan at ryantimms@hotmail.co.uk.

Last year's annual dinner was held in North Wales, and some pictures from the weekend can be viewed here. This year's annual dinner will be held in the Lake District on the weekend of the 16th of March 2018. For more information about the weekend, please contact Tom via email on uncc.vicepresident@gmail.com.

To be added to the ex-members mailing list, please send an email to uncc.exmembers@gmail.com.

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