The Committee members help with the general running and act as the face of the club. If you have any queries/complaints/suggestions, they would love to hear from you. 

The specific committee roles and the incumbent for the year 2019/2020 are detailed below. A new committee is elected every year at the annual general meeting (AGM). 

Tiffany Tsang - President

The president has overall responsibility for the club and its activities. The role includes, but is not limited to, running club trips, chairing meetings and liaising with the Students Union and the University along with insuring all other committee members are able to carry their roles out effectively.

'Because of climbing I have met so many amazing people and experiences that I would never have had otherwise. It’s a sport where you literally defeat mountains one by one, even though challenging, the rewards are worth it.' Tiff

Tom Rowland - Vice President

This person is the president's right hand (wo)man and takes their place when they are away. The VP liaises with the President in the creation of the programme for the coming term, communicates with ex-members and deals with any other ad-hoc matters that arise. Their main task involves organising the Annual Dinner and Easter trip abroad.

Monica Marsh - General Secreatary

The general sec organises trips by booking accommodation and transport and running signups. They are the main point of contact with the BMC and sorts out the insurance policy for the club. They also takes minutes at committee meetings and looks after any other club admin.

William Townsend - Gear Secreatary

The gear sec is responsible for maintaining and keeping an inventory on all club gear. They are also responsible for renting out equipment to paid club members.

Jamie Steggles - Social Secretary

The most social member of the committee, the social sec is responsible for organising all thing social, including the Freshers’ Party, Christmas Dinner, Varsity social, summer BBQ and any other get-togethers throughout the year. That's a lot of socials...


Su Shim - Publicity Secretary

This committee member is responsible for preparing material for the Freshers’ Fair, publicising any club events, obtaining sponsorship, and being the main point of contact with The Depot and The Nottingham Climbing Centre (NCC). They also help to organise the annual varsity competition with Nottingham Trent.

James Ahmet - Treasurer

The treasurer keeps the club’s accounts and authorises claims and spending.

Jack Martin - Depot Training Secretary

The Depot Training Sec is a friendly face to get you off the ground (literally) if you're new to climbing. They're responsible for running sessions at the Depot on Wednesdays. 

Sam Gibbs - David Ross Sports Village Secretary

The DRSV secretary is in charge of running the University's wall on campus, and for teaching climbers how to use top ropes and lead climbs in a safe manner with good practice, as well as running the training sessions on monday nights.

Alex Cogdon - Competition Secretary

The competition secretary helps you get strong and psyched for climbing competitions! These comps can be local (e.g. at The Depot in town or in Loughborough) or national, such as BUCS, which happens once a year.

Megan Crothers - Welfare/Psych Secretary

The Welfare/Psych Sec is in place to take charge of all matters pastoral. If you have any non-climbing concerns, they are a friendly and independent face that you can turn to. Check out the welfare page for more info.

Cari Searle - Journal/Web Editor

The journal editor organises, edits and prints the fantastic UoNCC journal in time for the Annual Dinner, but also looks after social media accounts and SU website. In recent years they have also taken on responsibility for the annual Naked Calendar.

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