Climb with us

Climb with us here at the university of Nottingham climbing club and you get so many benefits to just trying to climb by yourself – trust me, I would know.


One of the greatest benefits of climbing as part of the club is the number of friends can make, and the more you climb, the larger range of the club you’ll meet and get to know. Don’t believe us, ask anyone in the club.


Monday evenings are a prime example – don’t know how to climb yet and wanting to learn? Every Monday evening starting on TBC we will be running climbing training sessions which will teach you how to climb and belay safely. These two sessions, each lasting about two hours, will teach you the basics of climbing, including the necessary safety information, how you should go about warming up, and the main event of actually getting you onto the climbing wall and scaling the sheer face, along with learning to trust someone to belay you up and back down.


Should you decide you want to learn but don’t have the money to go out and buy all the climbing gear, fear not as we shall provide!


After Christmas, we then start a different type of climbing course, less basic and more set to the more experienced indoor top rope climber, this is lead climbing. These three sessions, again lasting about two hours each, will give you the basics you need to safely lead climb, and lead belay indoors, and can very easily be extrapolated to use outdoors for sport leading, which, if you ask anyone who went to Spain with the club last year they’ll agree, is great fun!


We also run bouldering sessions at the depot, every Wednesday afternoon starting from TBC, run by our very own Asher, who will build you up from a novice boulder to a highly experienced one, throwing in all sorts of games to make the sessions great fun.


Throughout the year, we also run a variety of trips, from Cornwall right at the end of the year to Freshers Trips at the start of the first term, and these can last between one day and one week. Obviously, you do need to pay a bit of money towards these but that will supply transport and food costs, and once again, equipment is provided by the club so you don’t need to worry about buying your own. We go all across the UK for climbing, from the Peaks to the Lakes to Cornwall (as mentioned above) and there is even a trip to Spain in April.

Sound good? Head to the University's SU climbing page to join us!