University of Nottingham Climbing Club

Hello and welcome to the official website for the University of Nottingham Climbing Club!

We are an extremely active club catering to climbers of all abilities. Throughout the uni year we run regular trips to various locations around the UK, as well as an Easter trip abroad. For an example trip list, see the trips page. We aim to provide a healthy mix of trad, sport, bouldering and indoor climbing. 

Whilst we are a very historic club, we are also in the 21st century, and so primarily use our social media pages to keep our members informed. We recommend that you join our Facebook group here, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and why not show some love by liking our public Facebook page?

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Come see us at the Virtual Freshers Fair! Just go to the Climbing Club sub channel on Teams and members of the committee will be there all day to chat to!

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